Famila Banana Bale (20 * 500g)


Famila Banana Bale (20 * 500g)

Bale (20 * 500g)

KSh 1,517.00

KSh 1,517.00

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With the exciting fruity flavors of banana and strawberry, Famila Flavoured Uji is taking uji to the next level. It is a great source of dietary fiber which promotes great gut health, immunity, energy metabolism and vitality which is essential for teens and youth. It has been carefully milled and enriched with extra proteins, vitamins, minerals and zero cholesterol to offer convenience, great taste and improve nutritional quality.

Famila Flavoured Uji special formulation:

    • Natural Banana/ Strawberry flavour
    • Pure Millet Flour
    • Maize Flour
    • Calcium – for strong bones and teeth
    • Sorghum Flour
    • Fortified with vitamins & mineral (Folates; Vitamin A; Vitamin B1; Vitamin B2; Vitamin B3; Vitamin B6; Iron; Zinc)
    • Omega 3

Flavoured Uji is available in 500g &1kg packets.

Weight 10 kg


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